An eCommerce website backed by a powerful ERP engine can drive dramatic growth and provide great efficiency. Our n2 ERP platform is designed with an in-built Content Management System (CMS) or can be integrated with your existing eCommerce platform like Shopify or WooCommerce.

If you are planning to launch a webshop or integrate your online and offline verticals under a single ERP software, we have three eCommerce solutions for you. We might also be able to help with other eCommerce platforms and custom integrations.

N2 eCommerce website

We build B2C and B2B eCommerce websites that can be managed from within the CMS built into n2 ERP.


For a full list of available features visit n2 ERP Features

Shopify Integrated to n2

Use your existing Shopify website or have your preferred Shopify partner build you a new site, and connect it with n2 ERP or n2 ERP + Xero.

Woocommerce integrated to n2

Use your existing WooCommerce + WordPress website or have your preferred web developers build you a new site, and connect it with n2 ERP or n2 ERP + Xero. Woocommerce integration currently under development.

Who it is suitable for

This solution is suitable for retail and distribution businesses with an existing webshop or those wanting to add an eCommerce vertical.

Key benefits

Works with your existing eCommerce store or we can build you a new one

Manage your B2B and B2C Customers from one place - reduce complexity and ease administration

Manage pricing from one central point for in store and all online marketplaces - reduce errors and respond quickly to changing conditions.

Real-time monitoring of key performance indicators across all platforms, thereby increasing revenue and avoiding losses

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