Cold Storage And 3PL Logistics Companies Have A New Choice For Their Warehouse Software

Published on: 04.04.2018

First Software Ltd, the developer of n2 ERP the leading Cloud ERP and eCommerce solution for Retailers and Distributors announces the release of new functionality for Cold Storage and 3PL logistics Companies.


With the release of this new functionality 3PLs and Cold Storage companies will benefit from using a single solution to power their Customer Portals, Distribution and Accounting requirements. The software also integrates to Xero for customers already using Xero for Accounting.


New features include algorithms for creating customer charges, pallet tracking, delivery status, automatic calculation of charges and flexible billing periods. These features with the existing Distribution processes in n2 ERP.


The new software has been successfully implemented at two multinational 3PLs.


First Software General Manager, Alex Petraska, said he was confident that these additions to n2 ERP will be a game changer for 3PLs as they will gain access to the sort of technology that up to now only the big players could afford.

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