About First Software

Streamlining retail and distribution sectors

First Software is first and foremost a group of people with huge experience in developing software to improve the business of retail and distribution.

Based in Auckland and unhappy that retailers and distributors had to spend too much time dealing with multiple systems that didn’t talk to each other, we developed a truly integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to streamline processes for multi-channel retail and distribution businesses: n2 ERP.

We have built a strong and profitable business by helping retailers and distributors to implement n2 ERP, significantly improving their operational efficiency and profitability.

Since releasing the Cloud version of n2 ERP in 2010, a number of major retailers and distributors have become our customers, all of whom hold competitive advantage thanks to n2 ERP’s integrated financial and supply chain software, website design and development.

And in 2015 we integrated our platform to Xero so our customers can choose to use n2 ERP Financials or Xero Financials.

"All the major vendors had approached, but it proved difficult to find a one capable of delivering against our requirements"

Stephen Salmon, PK Furniture

Helping retailers and distributors of all shapes and sizes

Whether you have two or 50 stores, one or multiple distribution centres, three or 100+ employees, we can help you.

Based on the Microsoft Technology stack and hosted in Auckland by a specialist Cloud computing company, n2 ERP is designed for retail, import and distribution companies of any size.

n2 ERP is easy to use

n2 ERP runs on any browser and can be integrated with a wide range of external suppliers and customers.

It is an all-in-one application that means no more integrating separate inventory and ecommerce systems as it includes Financial Management, Point of Sale, Customer Management and Business Intelligence.

So, if multiple systems are clogging up your business and creating inefficiencies, n2 ERP can automate more tasks and handle everything: one business solution, one application, multiple tasks, many benefits.

"It’s been a bit revolutionary, really, because it’s enabled us to do all these things that we weren’t able to do with our existing software"

Simon Furness, Hyper

Tested through Sprint Fit

We really do know retail! In 2012 we decided to start our own retail business to provide a real world R&D test bed for n2 erp: multi-channel sports nutrition and clothing business Sprint Fit.

Sprint Fit showcases our software and demonstrates how to run a successful, highly automated bricks & mortar and online retail business.

Sprint Fit’s success has gained considerable recognition, most recently attaining 21st place and “multi-channel retailing superhero” status in the Deloitte 2015 Fast 50 rankings, with growth of 297%.


Our capable, knowledgeable team is always reachable and keen to assist you. Led and supported by people who understand the demands on you.

Alex Petraska, Managing Director

alex@firstsoftware.co.nz +64 21 864 007

Alex leads the company and drives our long term strategy.

Joining First Software in 2002 after a successful stint in distribution, supply chain and retail, Alex works closely with Stewart to translate your business needs into ERP implementation.

He adds value through his ability to understand your business, building a long-term partnership by combining best practice business process knowledge with his extensive software experience - and applying them both to your needs.

Essentially acting in a business advisory role, Alex sits between you and our software team, ensuring that we truly understand your procedures and that you know specifically how they will work better with n2 ERP.

This means that you get the most effective product and integration - the best solution for you: the one that will lead to the most benefits in your world.

“I want our customers to be highly successful on an ongoing basis. Great implementations come from better understanding and growing together.”

Stewart Martel, Sales and Marketing Manager

stewart@firstsoftware.co.nz +64 21 832 440

Hugely experienced in the IT industry, Stewart has a strong grasp of what it takes to have a successful ERP implementations, thanks to his experience with First Software, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and J D Edwards.

Running our sales and marketing operations, Stewart works closely with Alex to generate and assist new clients. As your first point of contact, he is also Head of Keeping Our Promises, consistently involved and communicating with you through implementation and then on an ongoing basis.

By being involved throughout the implementation process, Stewart eliminates the need for you to have to explain yourself again once the project starts, which creates more clarity during the implementation and ensures a better result for you.

“I am the point of truth and the record keeper for the whole process. Everyone you talk to during pre-sales process will carry through to the implementation.”

Jim Hunter, Development Manager

jim@firstsoftware.co.nz +64 21 456 230

Jim is an experienced developer, consultant and delivery manager. He is focused on finding pragmatic solutions to “problems” that arise in any business context or domain.

He has wide experience in implementing ERP and CRM systems and is engaged with our technical team acting as client advocate and championing continual service improvement.

“I ensure proactive engagement with our clients to ensure we know what they need to thrive; and to share the latest developments in n2 ERP and how these might be applied to their business”

Leon Petraska, Finance Manager

Not only does Leon manage the finance side of things and support Alex in developing our long-term strategy, but he is also the voice of the end user in our business through his leadership of our sister retail company, Sprint Fit.

His involvement in Sprint Fit’s ecommerce website and bricks and mortar store enables us to develop new n2 ERP functionality and test it in a live business environment before it goes into production.

Leon ensures that knowledge gained from Sprint Fit flows on to our customer base, enabling n2 ERP to grow consistently stronger.

Leon also gives our customers beneficial advice on general online selling and using tools including Google Analytics, Adwords and SEO.

“A core focus for me is to ensure that our learnings from Sprint Fit lead us to provide the strongest possible solutions for retailers and distributors.”



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